You’ll know…

The zephyr flows and the wind shields close

winters , it is and I’m yet not so cold.
I’m not cold from outside and partly not from inside too 
I’m just a little sad and maybe a little mad too 
but I won’t shed tears ,
I won’t shed tears for I’m glad ,
that I left in time.
I left YOU in time.
And so , I want to tell you people out there 
to not run after love , lovers and love stories ,
And build your own mysteries ,
build your own mysteries and solve all of them on your own ,
write a story 
or maybe write a poem.
But just do not try to romanticize anything and everything ,
for I know , his eyes were never oceanic blue 
nor were they ever full of letters or beautiful clues. 
They were plain brown in shade , 
the shade , one which is like the toasted bread 
or maybe some dark coloured thread.
And for guys , her cheeks were never rose red 
nor was she a delicate and a fragile petal of some flower ,
she had a monotonic skin colour which she beautified or maybe plastered with makeup
and about being fragile , she never was. Nobody ever is. She just wanted you to pick her up or maybe just pay some more attention. 
So , stop it
Stop romanticizing every little thing. 
go and walk barefoot on the grass and you’ll know what plain and simple things feel like ,
go and help your mother cook breakfast and you’ll know what pleasure it is to cook for others ,
go and meet your friend whom you haven’t seen in years and you’ll know that friendship meant everything back then and still does. 
Just appreciate the way the leaves fall down from the trees ,
or the way birds come to your garden and chirp their hearts out
or the way that particular dog wiggles his tail at you everyday
or maybe just stop and sit for a while and stare at nothing. 
just maybe
take your cycle out and go for a long cycle ride early in the morning 
and you’ll know that there’s something pious and ethereal about dawn ,
though you’ll be sleepy , you may yawn
but you’ll thank yourself for escaping the monotony of life 
and you will , later on , appreciate yourself for being jovial without anyone else 
you’ll know that you can be at peace 
all by yourself
and you’ll know 
that you can be happy anyways.
So just be the person 
whom you want as your lover. 
I won’t promise the happiness 
but you’ll surely be proud of yourself.
You may have to lead a difficult life 
but you’ll have all the answers and solutions within your insides.

-November 4 , 2016


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