a quarter

a half
a glass

a bottle or two

smelling of your skin with itself all over you. liquid in air, solid within breaths, difficult to exhale, solitude takes rest. 
noisy silences, adorable ugliness, adversarial compliments hitting stones on the pavements. 
afar with no communication affordability, sipping hot coffee.raised eyebrows, angst filled in every vein and heavily downfall pouring of damson coloured rain. 
cynical as always, rejecting mugs of beers, holding onto 3 teaspoons of coffee powder and 1 cup of milk to go. 
drinking poison in different odd ways, failing as always and yet leading the race. 
soul decorated with crimson bad blood, eyes still struggling with fallen dreams, making sounds of thuds. 
bunches of fallen hair on every bedsheets you laid on to, 
you know you don’t want to.
banana peels off the skin and expensive dreams dripping down the chin.
destroyed to the blood core, extortionately devastated, no breaths left to take, and existence defeated.

alcohol, my love, is not the most poisonous. 
it is grinder mixed hatred on every occasion, everyday, and pointless sharp spheres with poetry voiceless.


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