“How could you abandon me so unceremoniously? ” , asked her shadow.

“The same way you did when I was in darkness.” , she smiled. 


We differ.

With the cuss words I use 

With the ways I abuse 

With the smoke I blow 

With the life of no flow 

Here’s a thing ,

I’m the ash of the cigarettes you crush 

I’m the stress of your adrenaline rush

I ain’t an angel , baby

But I tell you what

I love the demons and monsters in my soul.

I’m a nyctophilliac 

I love to stay in dark.

And we differ a lot ,

You know how?

Let me tell you 

I shine in darkness 

And you’re the one to blow out candles in light.


I was


And I’ll always be the constant star ,

Though full of scars ,

But forever shining bright ,

Unlike you , without any light.

I dare you.

I dare you to stop past any stranger and look into their soul to see what all they’ve been through and tell them that it’s fine being sad for whatever that’s happened to them in past.

You don’t need to pretend to be jovial unless you actually are. 
I dare you to tell them to smile more often , not because it’ll make their worries vanish but because it’ll give them enough strength to hold on for a little longer. 
I dare you to make their existence felt even when they’re living in a complete different world of their own. 
I dare you , my friend , to make other’s feel that their emotions can be felt by others , and everything will be fine in sometime. 
I dare you to stop telling people about more miserable things happening around the world when they themselves are in one such condition that’s just a little less miserable because that won’t make a difference. That won’t heal their problem , that won’t make them feel better. 
So I dare you to tell them that it’s fine. It’s okay. It’s okay to feel the way you do about things. 


Isn’t mental and emotional pain oversimplified?

People think that one can only be hurt physically and that’s what pain is all about. 
But have you ever felt your ribcage shattering into pieces with the pain of someone leaving you?
Or have you ever felt as if the strongest wave of the ocean hit you directly in the face and now you’re drowning , drowning so deep that you cannot breathe at all?

Yes , this is what mental and emotional pain feels like. 
It’s feels as if all the dementors have arrived for you and are now going to kiss you and will suck out all the happiness from you. You feel anxiety , depression and you fall. You fall so low that it becomes difficult to even stand up on your own. It feels like a punch in your throat every time you breathe. It feels as if someone is stabbing you with a knife straight into your face and you cannot do anything. It’s so painful that even slits of knife on your wrist don’t feel anything. It’s like your eyes are the clouds full of water from the evaporation of emotions and as soon as you feel them , the precipitation happens and the rain falls. It rains so heavily that you just cannot control the flooding. And by time you know it’s raining , it’s all over. Everything is drowned and destroyed and you cannot help it.


Smoke out the demons in your breath 

Smoke and ruin yourself to death.

There’s probably no harm in blowing smoke clouds 

Except for that you’ll never be enough loud.

Darling , do me a favor 

Blow out the bad air out of your temple 

Fill it with cigarette smoke 

Even if you’re too broke

And oh yes , I am in favour of it

Just don’t destroy others and keep it only up to your wit. 


​He searched for an escape everywhere , everday. But finding one can be so difficult that one can forever be trapped into the prison of his own empirical evidence of life he never wanted to live. 

I reckon that his persona was though dull but with them beautiful flowing hair , the zephyr couldn’t resist following him everywhere.